I had a wonderful first blog planned out – first there’d be one about our hectic time before leaving Little Rock, then there’d be one about our limbo in Albuquerque and finally (Dun! dun! dun!!!) there’d be our adventure in Okinawa. Obviously, that’s not going to happen anymore. Our flight to Tokyo leaves in four hours and I still need to get myself ready, make sure our bags are totally packed, call family one final time, and find that stupid shoe I misplaced in our hotel room. (Who loses a single shoe in a nearly empty hotel room???)

As my original plan went down the drain as soon as I procrastinated enough (story of my life), I’ll just sum everything up for you.

  • May: Hoban arrived home from Afghanistan only to be told that week there was a possibility of us moving to Japan.
  • June: We’re told we ARE moving to Japan but probably not for a while…and via 8 months in Albuquerque for training as Hoban switched from the C-130H to the MC-130H.
  • July: Told we were to leave Little Rock in five or six weeks. Panic sets in. Finish all the projects around the house, pre-pack for TMO (that’s the people who arrange for our movers for all you non-military people reading this), visit family, have family visit us, and arrange for our house to be managed for renters while we live a million-billion miles away.
  • September: I left for Orlando to hang out with family, leaving my (wonderful, kind, loving, generous, amazing) husband to take care of our move. I then visit my sister at TCU while Hoban (again – wonderful, kind, loving, generous, amazing) drives with a small moving truck to pick me up on his way to Albuquerque.
  • September: Arrive at the Residence Inn in Albuquerque which was our home for the past eight months. Marriott, I love you.
  • October – April: Hoban went through training for his new airplane while I sometimes visited nearby family (or hosted visitors in Albuquerque). 🙂
  • May: We struggled through red tape, trying our hardest to get our orders all ironed out so we could leave for Japan. Played the agonizing waiting game.
  • May: Visited my parents (who were thankfully within our allowed driving distance for travel!) while awaiting our tickets/itinerary
  • May: Off to the most magical place in the world!!! Literally. I mean, it’s Harry Potter World.
  • May: A quick drive to Fort Lauderdale for a fun weekend before getting to San Francisco where we are now

Where we are now is nice. I suppose living in a Marriott for eight months really pays off once you leave – Platinum Elite membership comes with all kinds of perks. Upgraded bayfront view, Club M access, free food/beverages 24/7, free high speed internet, and an AMAZING breakfast! Flans, smoked salmon and cream cones, quiche, bacon, an egg bar, fancy yogurts I can’t pronounce the names of, parfaits, oatmeal with all the toppings, fresh fruit, bagels, donuts, pastries, and any kind of drink you could think of – and that’s only some of what was available.

 IMG_2399 IMG_2397 IMG_2395 IMG_2394 IMG_2392

It’s great, but we haven’t been able to use all the amenities here – I’ve mostly been in our room packing and looking for that stupid missing shoe.

Where did it go?? Sneakers do not just vanish into thin air. I’ve looked in every suitcase, under/on/in every piece of furniture, and have stood there scratching my head like an idiot for more time than I care to admit. Ergo, if anyone reading this found a white leather Lacoste sneaker in room 1037 of the Airport Marriott San Francisco, please send it my way. I’ll have an address soon.

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