I am still joyful.

I have now spent two of our three anniversaries away from my husband. The first year he was flying an emergency medivac mission through Afghanistan while I sat on the couch at home with a bottle of wine and an extensive Netflix queue. Last year we celebrated at a speakeasy steakhouse (Yes, you read that correctly. It was amazing.). This year Hoban is yet again out of the country for work, and I spent our anniversary with another delicious bottle of wine – though this time I had company in the form of my amazing friend and neighbour, Karri.

For the military spouse, I’ve heard that 33% isn’t too shabby! More often than not our husbands are sent away to some exotic and/or dangerous locale, while we spouses hold down the fort at home. I thank God for amazing friends (my island family!) and for a husband who is worth waiting for!

Since I couldn’t see my better half today, I went through the million wedding photos  stashed on my hard drive – we were so blessed with such an incredible day!

Don’t get me wrong, it was far from what most people would consider to be perfect. It was rainy. I had very little time for photos because of the Mass schedule. Father Hector mixed up Hoban’s first and last names (that was pretty hilarious, actually). I tripped over the words as I began to recite my vows. The organist couldn’t find the sheet music. Father Hector forgot to have us light the unity candle until the end of Mass. Our wedding party exited first because that’s how Father thought it should be (oh well). When we went outside for photos the rain and wind made it nearly impossible. The florist called the day before the wedding to say the wrong flowers arrived. The groom’s cake wasn’t what I’d described to the baker at all. I was so busy talking with family and friends that Hoban and I hardly saw each other at our reception. We couldn’t find my passport. My shoes were stained blue because of the wet silly string in the car (thank you, rainy day). So many things gone wrong. If I’d been a wedding planner I would have gone crazy running around trying to fix it all.

But I’m not a wedding planner, and our wedding felt perfect.

During our engagement my dad gave me the greatest piece of advice. He essentially told me not to sweat the small stuff. He told me that on their wedding day, my mom was radiant. He said she was radiant because she wasn’t worried about the details, and wasn’t stressed about perfection. They were both just so happy to be together and to be married. At the end of the day, that’s all you really come away with.

I held onto those words and when we thought we’d have to cancel our honeymoon because of my missing passport, we sat in the car at church and prayed. We prayed for peace of mind, we prayed for my passport to turn up, and we prayed most of all that we’d remember to be joyful no matter the circumstances.  (FYI: We found the passport 30 minutes after leaving the reception, in the trunk of my dad’s car.)

That prayer is still applicable today and not only because I’m constantly misplacing important things such as my passport! Our circumstances aren’t perfect – after all, we spent yet another anniversary apart – but we are both still joyful, and we are both still so thankful to have each other – even if it’s only 33% of the time. ♥ Happy anniversary, Hoban. Wherever you are, I hope you know how much I adore you.
Christine & Hoban-1302 4Christine & Hoban-1121Christine & Hoban-1510

Christine & Hoban-65Christine & Hoban-1109Christine & Hoban-60Christine & Hoban-1094Christine & Hoban-1049

Christine & Hoban-1016Christine & Hoban-1460Christine & Hoban-1451Christine & Hoban-946Christine & Hoban-883Christine & Hoban-56Christine & Hoban-863Christine & Hoban-1318

Christine & Hoban-1315Christine & Hoban-638Christine & Hoban-2_2Christine & Hoban-26Christine & Hoban-541Christine & Hoban-22Christine & Hoban-613Christine & Hoban-592Christine & Hoban-625Christine & Hoban-21Christine & Hoban-20Christine & Hoban-485Christine & Hoban-474Christine & Hoban-460Christine & Hoban-16Christine & Hoban-15Christine & Hoban-91

2 thoughts on “I am still joyful.

  1. Aaah! I made the blog! Hahaha in all seriousness, I am SOOOO happy you and Hoban found each other and got married!! I remember your day as being absolutely beautiful and filled with laughter and joy and excitement. I still feel that when we are lucky enough to hang out with you two! You guys are not only gifts to each other, you are, as a couple, a gift to the rest of us, too! Congratulations and Happiest Anniversary!!! I love you both with all my heart!!!!

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